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Happy client with good teeth
I decided to work with Louise to look at my fear of the denstist because I knew that my fear was impacting on my health.
Ive hated everything about the dentist for as long as I can rememeber, which I know is rediculous but it was my reality.
Tapping was quick and kind and we soon got to the root of my problem.  I am thrilled to say that now I am no longer afraid of the dentist.
I was so woried that Louise would think me completely mad but she was undertanding, kind and patient.
Client testimonials
I have spent most of my life going from one diet to the next, never really seeing the results I wanted, constantly in this cycle of wanting to change, desperate to change,  but only to be disappointed by my inevitable failure. I knew that I needed to try something different, to focus deeper and change something within to achieve my goal. Louise has helped me rebuild my relationship with my body image and food. She has helped me deal with my obsession to achieve my ideal body and take a rational approach to managing my weight .  Louise worked with me to deal with the emotions I felt and helped me understand my relationship with food so that I could now be in control. I now feel revived, energised and committed to lifestyle that is healthy, a body image that is real and a relationship with food where I am in control. I now understand the emotions that trigger my unhealthy patterns and the habits that kept me stuck in the past.  I am no longer disappointed with myself for having that occasional treat  because I know I am committed on a subconscious level to healthy lifestyle that will give me what I want. Lou - thank you so much. I must say I did come along with my reservations, but you quickly put me at ease. You helped realize things that should have been obvious to me but I failed to see. You helped me  appreciate the changes in myself,  guided me to where I am today and where I am moving in the right direction for my future. 
Jasbinder Kaur
"I have worked with Lou on more than one session, she is an absolute joy of a practitioner.

Lou takes the time to really listen and understand her clients issue. She has a natural empathetic/caring style that allows you to feel completely relaxed and supported. Lou has the ability to think outside of the box with suggestions that will help you clear your issue by seeing a different perspective.

If youre ready to let go of your issues and want a caring and professional practitioner I recommend you contact Louise"
Sarah Connolly
In working with Louise I have found the way to express myself in a more positive way, after feeling depressed and down for many years and never finding a way out EFT has made my life so much better, the techniques used to express yourself in a more free and positive way 
Louise was great I felt so comfortable talking about my issues after one session I felt like a had got a lot off my chest and with EFT I can now feel less anxious and I am finding it easier to deal with situations. 
if you have issues with depression I would recommend Louise and EFT..
Happy Client
I worked with Lou for my fear of flying. I was travelling for work and saw Lou the evening before and we spent just 40 mins together using Matrix Reimprinting we worked through my previous hideous flight experiences. I was amaized at how quickly the negative emotions cleared. I was then able to choose how I would like to feel when I flew in the future and im delighted to say that was exactly how I felt when I took my flight.
Simone Lewis
I admit to being a little skeptical but open to trying EFT.  My experience has been great, Louise is warm, professional and so non-judgmental it was so easy to feel relaxed and at ease. I can honestly say I have been pleasantly surprised by the EFT technique and happily refer friends, family and clients as the getting to the crux of limited beliefs can happen quickly with Louise's guidance and patience. Thanks Lou! 
Kate Churnin
In working with Louise I have found the courage to address negative repeating patterns in my life. Originally a skeptic about EFT, Louise’s Patience, empathy, compassion and professionalism has enabled to let go of long held negative beliefs and emotions. It has allowed me to identify and challenge the following beliefs:
  1. That I am a bad person, who makes bad choices and therefor deserves negative consequences.
  2. The cycle that occurs when I link negative experiences to past experiences creating a downward spiral effect. 
  3. A tendency to take responsibility for all negative situations based on the belief that if I could have said something or done something differently a positive response could have been achieved. 

The empowerment I have felt in identifying these patterns and the emotional root causes behind them has been amazing and I can only hope that everyone who needs it will have access to such therapies and talented practitioners.
Happy client
“Having done lots of personal development and “self-help” I knew I had limiting beliefs and emotional baggage from past life events that were holding me back and made life feel like a struggle. I was generally okay, but I wasn’t making progress in the areas that were important to me including my health, money/business and relationships.

One session with Louise got to the core of what has been causing this pain. That’s the great thing about these techniques, they tackle the cause rather than the symptoms. Since my session I have felt lighter, I have found it easier to be open and honest with people about how I’m feeling and I’m seeing more clearly not only what the possibilities for the future are but finding it easier to take action to make it happen. If one session can do all that, I can’t wait to do more!