Relationship Therapy in Tottenham and London

If you're having relationship problems with a lover, friend, relative or other people, I offer relationship therapy in Tottenham ans surrounding areas.

Relationship Therapy

Relationships are complex and whatever your connections with people they can be problematic from time to time. The pressures of modern life can put a huge amount of stress on us, resulting in arguments and miscommunications with those around us and this can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected and lonely.
One of the reasons that relationships can be so complicated is that they often trigger the less resourceful belief, patterns and experiences. Have you ever noticed that you have a feeling or set of feelings that reoccur in different relationships? It may be that you are running a pattern or belief that doesn't serve you and worse could be holding you back.

How can I help with relationship problems?

If you are suffering because of relationship problems, all of the therapies I offer can help you discover healthier patterns of relating to others.

I work with all kinds of relationship issues, including:

  • disagreements & quarrels
  • difficulty over committing
  • jealousy
  • splitting up
  • adultery
  • domestic violence
  • imbalances in power
  • problematic friendships
  • trouble in working relationships
  • parenting conflicts
  • step-families
  • finding a partner, or the right partner for you.

Working with me will give you a safe and objective space in which to discuss your relationship concerns helping you to move towards developing more meaningful and less stressful connections with other people.

Customer Testimonials:

S’s experience “I was a kid when my folks split up and I really struggled with it, and I also struggled with forming other relationships, I found it really had to trust people, working with Lou has really helped me to challenge these beliefs so that I can move forward”.

Relationship therapy Tottenham | N17 | London

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