Hypnotherapy for Trauma in Tottenham, London

I can help you release past traumas through hypnotherapy in Tottenham or throughout North London.

Releasing Trauma and Concerns through Hypnotherapy

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. We can also experience traumatic reactions to experiences that may not, on the face of it appear to be traumatic, what is important is that each incident is looked at through the eyes of the client and relief is sought accordingly.

Our past experiences have an impact on everything we do and are directly relative to our behaviour, beliefs and how we approach life's joys and challenges.

These past events are held deep in our subconscious mind which makes up around 88% of our entire mind and so although we may not be consciously aware of the impact everything that we think, feel and believe can be driven by our past experiences- keeping us stuck and small.

Our subconscious mind by design is there to protect us by absorbing whatever trauma we are facing and filing it away, so that we may get through whatever we need to get through and avoid experiencing same or similar trauma again. Until we find peace with these traumas they can continue to play in the background, affecting everything we do, feel and perceive.

How can my hypnotherapy for trauma in Tottenham and North London help?

Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and energy therapies will speak directly to this part of the brain finding the echos that are still playing out from the past -once this is done you can release and reframe each individual past event and emotions associated with them. Leaving you with a clear and neutral outlook for the future and in the position to make positive choices about your future.

Customer Testimonial:

L's Story: “Before the panic attacks I really hadn't realised the impact of my rape, I thought I was just a naturally anxious person, it turns out I'm not. Once I'd processed the fear, the betrayal, the loss, the anger, not being able to trust people or situations and constantly feeling unsafe I found a new feeling of calm and peace. I've been able to be present in a loving relationship and I'm enjoying life again. I'm not saying it wasn't scary and there were times when I wondered if I could do it, but I felt so supported and cared for by Lou, it made me want to feel the same way about myself again. Please face the fears.”

What are the benefits of undertaking hypnotherapy for trauma?
Process traumatic events in a safe and confidential therapy setting, which will end the fear response
Calm and eliminate the by-products of trauma including nightmares and flashbacks
Relieve accompanying symptoms such as depression and anxiety
Gain a positive impact on self-esteem and relationships with others
Learn to feel safe and trust again
Develop tailor-made coping strategies to deal with traumatic effect

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