Work Stress and Career Problems Hypnotherapy in Tottenham and London

I provide therapy and guidance for people who are experiencing work or career problems or work stress in Tottenham and surrounds.

Work Stress and Career Problems

Employment problems are one of the leading causes of stress, poor health and damaged relationships. Work-related problems account for nearly six million sick days a year, with over 150,000 people taking at least a month's sick leave due to stress. High levels of stress and anxiety at work can lead to both physiological and psychological symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, muscle tension, irritability, mood swings, and breakdown. Whilst working hard is something to be proud of, pushing yourself too far can be destructive. If you are struggling with a work-related issue, then you may benefit from visiting career counselors.

How can I help with work stress and career problems?

With over 30 million people in the UK currently working, and most of us spending over a quarter of our adult life at work, issues surrounding our careers affects many of us. Some work-related problems can cause long-term damage to your health, your relationships and overall quality of life. Fortunately, career therapy can help. We will explore the factors that are causing you to feel such extensive anxiety and stress (such as long hours, overworking, pressing deadlines or bullying at work) and equip you with the resources to help manage these problems. Using various techniques, including CBT, Hypnotherapy, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I will support to move forward with your working life.

Customer Testimonial:

K’s experience “I was feeling so stuck, like I'd been a rut for so long it felt safe and change, well it just felt damn scary, if I'm honest. Working with Lou I was able to identify the fears that stopped me connecting with my passion, I remembered what I was good at and loved doing and was able to create an action plan to get moving in a direction that excited me. The best bit was the support along the way, I'd gotten so used to telling myself I couldn't do things that having someone remind me that I could made all the difference. Thank you xx”

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