Take A Breath
You Deserve It

It sounds so simple doesn’t it, almost idyllic. Just take a breath, and yet most of us are carrying toxic levels of stress around with us all of the time. We spend huge amounts of time in our primitive fight, flight or freeze mode and we miss out on what could be amazing.
The thing is that I get that it is not that easy to reduce your stress levels. I’ve been there and bought the t-shirt and I can hand on heart promise you, that there is another way to go through life, another lighter and happier way to be.

The solution that I’m offering you is my bespoke TAKE A BREATH programme.

  • You're thinking about your to-do list leaves you fearful overwhelmed and unable to move forward
  • You feel anxious, worried and panicky
  • You are constantly tired, wired or exhausted
  • Your responses to the world around you seem disproportionate
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You have forgotten how to enjoy life
  • You feel like you can’t relax and that your mind is constantly whirring
  • Calm your unwanted and hindering stress responses
  • Identify and resolve the causes of your stressful situation, both those you can recognise and those you cannot
  • Identify and resolve experiences, feelings and relationships from your past that are causing tension and stress in your present
  • Identify and resolve any limiting self-beliefs that are holding you back, causing you frustration, and preventing you from reaching your full potential
  • Uncover some of the hidden internal as well as external obstacles that may hold you back and sabotage your success, and work together to establish how you can handle them more effectively
  • Create a personalised toolkit of self-help techniques to enable you to stay calm, centred and happy
  • A simple Self-Discovery Questionnaire that is insightful and empowering to complete, paving the way for your future calmness
  • Six 1-to-1 face to face sessions in North London
  • A take home Toolkit of Self-Help Tools that you can utilise at any time to restore calm and peace
  • Access to a community of like-minded women who are travelling a similar path and with whom you can share ideas and ask for help.
Your investment in your own Take a Breath journey is just £400. A worthwhile investment for a calmer and less stressful future that puts you back in control. These are lifelong stress management coping strategies that you will then have at your fingertips for the rest of your life. The result will be increased peace of mind, rejuvenating energy levels and a renewed passion for living life.
Why I believe in Take A Breath

I’ve ticked all the boxes of the first list above. Many years ago I could have rattled off that list with a dozen more ‘issues’ to boot. I was a full-time HR Consultant during the week and at the weekends I was a door supervisor. I was stressed to the max. There was no give left, and my zest for life and relationships had dwindled to a tiny speck mockingly taunting on the horizon. Unsustainable hours, lack of self-care, panic attacks that left me shaken and bewildered, I became ill far too often. However, by travelling the road that would ultimately lay the foundations for my own Take a Breath Programme, I found myself able to feel centred, calm and connected most of the time. And when I don’t, because life happens,, I have the skills ready and waiting to get me back on track. I feel passionate about not keeping this to myself and sharing it with others.

Hence I chose to become an Emotional Wellness Therapist and a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, psychotherapist and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, as well as an advanced accredited Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) specialist. That’s a lot of names and phrases that basically describe the toolkit of skills I have to help others like I was helped myself. They are the tools that enable me to help people who tick too many of the ‘I’m stressed out’ boxes.

I am absolutely passionate about what I do. I believe in it, I’ve seen real, lasting effects on a personal and professional level. I can help you to Take a Breath and feel calm, peaceful, energised and to be the awesome ‘you’ that you know you can be.

So, this programme is for you if you want to say “Yes please!” to feeling:

Calm in your responses to life and its many and varied demands
In Control of your time, energy and work/life balance
Energised by your ‘can do’ approach to life and your ability to tackle all that you want to do by confidently prioritising
Supported in your life and the journey you’re taking
Celebrated for who you are, and what you have and will succeed with

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to jump off that hamster-wheel and get back to you?

Here’s what some of my clients say…

“In working with Louise I have found the courage to address negative repeating patterns in my life. Originally a sceptic about EFT, Louise’s patience, empathy, compassion and professionalism has enabled me to let go of long held negative beliefs and emotions. It has allowed me to identify and challenge the following beliefs:
That I am a bad person who makes bad choices and therefore deserves negative consequences
The cycle that occurs when I link negative experience to past experiences creating a downward spiral effect.

A tendency to take responsibility for all negative situations based on the belief that if I could have said something or done something differently a positive response could have been achieved.
The empowerment I have felt in identifying these patterns and the emotional root causes behind them has been amazing and I can only hope that everyone who needs it will have access to such therapies and talented practitioners.”

“Louise Alexander is an amazing therapist skilled at helping you cope with the stresses of modern life. She has restored my sanity on a number of occasions.”

To book a Free (No Obligation) Discovery Session to see if Take a Breath is for you call 07957 416962 or email louise@attheheartofhealth.com

Don’t lose another day to stress, Take a Breath today. Together, let’s get you back on track

In Crisis?
I aim to see you for therapy as soon as possible. However, you may require immediate help or support. If you are feeling suicidal, there are people you can talk to who want to help you find some breathing space:
•call Samaritans 24-hour support service on 08457 90 90 90
•go to, or call, your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department and tell the staff how you are feeling
•contact NHS 111
•make an urgent appointment to see your GP